Looking forward to 2019, it will be a fun sketchbook year...

For this year's #inktober I made an accordion book, where I each day used ink on a page or a spread. I wanted this sketchbook to be a non-planning project, and the biggest challenge was NOT to plan ahead. I really enjoyed working on this book. To see the whole process go to my instagram- where I each day published the work I did for that day. The accordion book was included in an art exhibition and is shown at Konstfrämjandet Date: 2.12-6.1 2019.

More houses...


Aretha tribute....

Summertime and I can sketch outside, on the balcony. I made a pattern out of these dogs.

Work in progress....

In my sketchbooks I like to work in themes, or make up rules to draw by. In this one the rules are to draw

three characters and use three colors on each pages. It is fun!

Trying out some soft pastel pens....and I like it!

These are some ladies from my 100 days project, found them in one of my sketchbooks

I am taking an online course, "Bootcamp" given by These are some sketches from week one.





Embroidered fantasies in my sketchbook...

Enjoying the free assignments from I wish I could take the actual course... maybe next round....

Autumn in my sketchbook...

Bluebells with silver leafs...

Pink tigers in my sketchbook. Hello ladies!

More flowers and three little birds....

Bootcamp-sketches for the June assignemnt

"BAT HAT" part of #the100dayproject.

I have decided to take part in #the100dayproject. My theme will be to draw characters with hats for 100 days. My hashtag will be #100_days_of_drawing_hatters. I am very excited about this!

"Mr Badger" - #the100dayproject, #100_days_of_drawing_hatters.

"Easter Bunny" - #the100dayproject, #100_days_of_drawing_hatters.

Bootcamp sketches! I am taking the Bootcamp course by Lilla Rogers and the first assignment is to create an abstract pattern for a Back- pack, so fun!

Hat ladies in my sketchbook! I will definitely be making a summer pattern out of these beauties!


Houses, boats, stones and trees in my sketchbook....

For these characters, I use felt pens, (Stabilo). It is a fun technique. First, I use the pen to draw up the character, then I use a brush with clean water on it to get the watercolor effect. My son sits next to me and we work side by side, I love to draw with my children.


For this assignment I did a lot of sketches, only three made it to the final collection. Although it´s hard to not include all of your hard work into the collection, I love the editing part. I really enjoyed working inside circles,

whenever I have more time I am going to make this in to a pattern as well!

Here are some of my sketches, see the whole collection here : ILLUSTRATION

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