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New pattern design, beetroot and candy stripe beet...

Summer nights...

I showed this summer piece on my instagram feed and sold it to one of my followers.

She is such a lovely person and I hope this will bring her much joy and relaxation!

I entered the Global Talent Search and this is my submission for the first round. I had so much fun and learned a lot.

Happy birthday - illustration to Frida Kahlo. One of my absolute favorite artist.

Featured on the with some of my yoga illustrations.

New pattern design. I call this one "I WANT A DAG"

I am very happy to have been working on the game "Unravel two" - by Coldwood Interactive, published by EA. I made 2D illustrations and icons that you will see when you play the game. Here is some of the art I made. It was such an great experience, big thanks to everyone at Coldwood!

I always enjoy painting angels...I made this one to guard over one of my closest friend.

This month`s assignment from was all about telling a story.

I am very happy to have been working with the YOGA studio "Marmyoga". I developed 12 illustrations for this studio, to be used in informational cards to inspire the yoga practitioners to continue to pratice yoga in their homes as well as in the studio. See more here: ILLUSTRATION

I am the guest host @ifdrawaweek! IFDrawAWeek is an instagram challenge that inspires creative people to create, every week a guest host comes up with a prompt, and everybody is welcome to join in. I will be hosting for the next 4 weeks! YAY!


Exhibition at Luleå konsthall "Den hemliga konsten".

This month`s Mini assignment from was so much fun!

Frida Kahlo

"HAPPY EASTER" illustration

I am working on a pitch for a story "Squirrelled Away" written by Zoe Tucker. I made two versions of the squirrel, one grey and one pink.

International women's day 2018

Yesterday was attending my very first unconference at Lidström & Nyberg. I got to listen to the amazing story of Stinastil and I also held a workshop for my colleagues at Lidström & Nyberg. It is always nerve wracking to give a workshop to highly talanted and creative people, but as it turned out, they are not only crazy talented, they are also very lovely, sweet and kind people. Which I already knew. Feeling very greatful today.


This was a dream assignment, I got to paint houses and create characters for SWECO in my home town, Umeå. I was given words from Sweco, words that represent their key values, and I visualize them and made them into these two walls.

Big thanks to SWECO for a superfun assignment and collaboration!

New work, a journal cover, made it in bootcamp by

I am very happy to say that this illustration will be included in the "Flow Tear-Off Calendar" for 2019 by Flow magazine! Hurray!

"The everybody is welcome" - cafe is open! This week`s theme in Bootcamp by was "TEA" and I had a lot of fun drawing these!


"Attract money spell" with Bergamot


It is hard to find time for personal projects but I am carving out time for this one. The working title for this project is "Aunt Edna and her big blue secret"


"I am madly in love with my color pencils because they make me see magic"


This weekend I been having fun with my color pens, making up a story about Aunt Edna and her big blue secret.

I just completed this years first assignment in "Bootcamp", given by I feel so proud for creating this because I am struggling with time... We were to create a book cover, and I was to create one for the fantastic Tina Fey. She says it best "I am constantly amazed by Tina Fey, and I am Tina Fey" - Tina Fey.

I am taking an online course, "Bootcamp", given by For me, this is the best way to keep growing.

It pushes me to draw and paint something every day. See more sketches from week one here.

I am currently working on a project assigned by Sweco. These illustrations are closeups from the working process. It is a very interesting and fun assignment, I get to create characters, houses and environments, and I am loving it.


Latest work, poster for the creative studio "LIDSTRÖM & NYBERG".

Featured in the blog

Anne Butera has a blog where she is interviewing artists. I am very happy and proud to be one of them.

Read more about my chat with Anne here:

Photo: Anne Butera

New pattern design, "Dia de los muertos" with color inspiration from swedish folk art.

New illustration. "Let me play you a story"

New illustration. "Picnic with a bear"

New illustration. "Dark days"

Featured in the podcast "100 Creatives Podcast", hosted by Sally Harris

Illustration by Brandi Kincaid

New pattern design. "Blue butterfly"

"Guardian Angel"


I created a bunch of pink tigers in my SKETCHBOOK, and then I arrange them into this pattern. I love the color combination pink/blue green....

I am very excited and happy to announce that I am the winner in july challenge "Unicorns and Rainbows"

Thank you Printed Village and to all the encouragement comments I had along the way! This is the pattern that won the challenge

I tend to draw lots of birds and flowers during the summer. This pattern was made from some of my sketchbook drawings. I like it, so I made it with dark and light backgrounds.

Summer doodles... I made these unicorns into a pattern

The most common question I get is, "How do you come up with what to draw? Where do you get your inspiration?" So I made an inspirational map, on what to draw and where to find it. And I put a secret tip at the bottom of the map. I liked it, so I also made it into a repeat pattern!

Character design and interior environment for a children’s book double-page spread.


"HOME is where the COFFEE is" mixed media

Gouache doodles...I have always loved to draw houses...

New month means a new "mini"- assignment from, I wonder what the big assignment might be:)

The last few days I have been drawing bats with hats for the #the100dayproject. My project is to draw a "hatter" every day for 100 days.

My hashtag is #100_days_of_drawing_hatters, see more here: SKETCHBOOK

This month assignment at Make art that sells- Bootcamp, where to create a journal with a rose theme. I think I am going to make a pattern of this as well!

The artwork as a print.

Made a pattern as well....

I have decided to take part in #the100dayproject. My theme will be to draw characters with hats (or just hats) for 100 days. My hashtag will be #100_days_of_drawing_hatters. For the last 29 days I been working on my #alphabeticalwitches and I really enjoyed it!

More Bootcamp sketches! This month "mini-assignment" is all about roses! See more sketches here: SKETCHBOOK

New illustration, created from an assignment, Bootcamp (Makeartthatsells). This assignment was different- working with emotional references, I loved it!

I am participating in #the100dayproject, and my project is to draw a "hatter" every day for 100 days. My hashtag is #100_days_of_drawing_hatters, see more here: SKETCHBOOK

New Pattern Design!

This pattern was assigned by Film i Västerbotten, and I had so much fun creating it! It is going to be used for the film festival "VAFF" and I feel pround and happy to be part of this wonderful fesival!

I made a pattern out of my "hatladies". "SUMMER IS A STATE OF MIND"

I am taking the Bootcamp course by Lilla Rogers and the first assignment is to create an abstract pattern for a Back- pack, so fun!

Birds are singing in the air, and I can not wait for spring to arrive!

Fantasizing about summer...last weekend I saw a burlesque show and I guess I was inspired

More character design!

I painted this to show my support to Malala Fund which is the official organisation led by Malala Yousafzai focused on ensuring all girls get a quality 12yrs of education. #yesallgirls.TAKE ACTION at


I painted this house inspired by Lilla Rogers affirmation "Make more art". I wish this little hut was real and that it was mine:)

Spring is coming! I made a pattern out of some bugs and flowers from my sketchbook.


Den hemliga konsten is a group exhibition with 5 different artists. Anneli Furmark, Nina Hemningsson, Anna Clara Tidholm, Ville Ranta and myself.

In this exhibition we show our sketchbooks and sketches. We show the biggest mistakes, the funniest sketches and ideas that never got realized.


To work in a sketchbook is a job, and an art form in itself.

Many artists use their sketchbooks to test their ideas or simply "draw off" the day's impressions. The purpose of sketching vary and the relationship to a sketchbook looks completely individually depending on who is drawing and writing in it.

Perhaps that is why we so often see how the artist goes from the personal to the private in their sketchbooks.


Umeå Konsthall

21 jan - 19th mar 2017


Scenography, props and marketing.


I am so happy and proud to have been working with Ögonblicksteatern!

This is the first time I am doing the scenography and props for a theater, and I loved it. Big thanks to all the team and the wonderful people working av the theater! And congratulations to the great review! Click here to read the review.

(Credits: Manus: Sara Gallardo, Regi: Stefan Andersson, Scenografi/illustration: Frida Hammar, Musik: Frida Johansson, Kostym: Karin Ågren, Medverkande: Sara Gallardo)


Here is the poster for "Älskade familj"


I been working on a cover design for the "The Great Adventure" written by Zoe Tucker. Very inspiring text to work with!

I been working on a spread in the "The Great Adventure" written by Zoe Tucker. Had so much fun with this one!

Poses of NORMAN & RUBY, the main characters in the story "The Great Adventure" written by Zoe Tucker.

Emotion sheet for "NORMAN", the main character in the story "The Great Adventure" written by Zoe Tucker.

Working on the "GIFT" assignment, (Make Art That Sells) It is the last assignment, and it is a bit sad...but I guess I will be taking more classes!

I have learned so, so, so much working through this course, and I feel very grateful. I think I am going to make this into a pattern as well!

Working with geometric shapes for the "wall art" assignment, (Make Art That Sells) I don't usually work with abstract art, so when I got the assignment I didn't know what to think. But, I've had the best time, playing around with color and shapes! I loved it! I used candy for color inspiration, "Bassett´s Liquorice Allsorts".

I been working on a cover for the fairy tale "THE WHITE CAT" by MARIE-CATHERINE D´AULNOY. It is a pretty weird story, and I had lot of fun creating this cover. This is an assignment from the online-course I am taking, MATS A, given by Make art that sells. See the process here: SKETCHBOOK

Still working on "The Owl and the Pussycat" written by Edward Lear. Here is some expressions of The Pussycat and The Owl.

I am always excited when I get a new client, (Västerbottens Idrottsförbund) This assignment was so much fun and the people was a joy to work with!

Christmas theme in my sketchbook...see more here

I love to draw, but most of all I love drawing characters. Working with a text is, for me, very inspiring.

Especially when the text is as brilliant as this one. "The Owl and the Pussycat" written by Edward Lear.

New illustration for Kulturverket, assigned by Umeå kommun

It´s the day after the election day and I sketch out a fantasy world where there are no walls or closed borders,

whenever and whereever you arrive, some friendly bird is waiting for you to greet you welcome,

and if you need it, gives you a new home.

This was the last week of the course,"ILLUSTRATING CHILDREN'S BOOKS" given by "Make art that sells/Lilla Rogers" I am a bit sad that it is over, but mostly grateful since I have learned so much! Big thanks to Lilla Rogers and Zoë Tucker for a great course. A special thanks to all of my classmates, you are amazing and your all of your artwork are truly stunning and I have learned so much from you guys!

See sketches here SKETCHBOOK

This week in "Illustrating children´s books" given by Lilla Rogers/Make art that sells we work on environment. I struggled with time management this week, sometimes it is just hard to find time...

See some of the sketches here: SKETCHBOOK

I came up with a new theme for my new moleskine

and I am very excited about it!!! I´m gonna draw stuff that disgust me and I´ll call it:



This illustration is for a folder, information and statistics, about parental leave. The purpose is to encourage fathers take a more active part under the parental leave and the benefits of doing so. This was assigned by Umeå Kommun and will be sent to all the new fathers in Umeå.

Congratulations on the baby to all of you!


This fall, me and the kids made some great crafts. Lots of leafs and color! We found the idea of making leafs out of coffeefilter and watercolor on Pinterest.

The goldleafs we just used ordinary glue, think it was paperglue, and of course glitter.


We got some good reviews for the local paper VK and Cap&Design


I made the poster for "Fria linjer" assigned by Norrbyskärs konstsalong

I made this illustration for Lerstenens Fastigheter. This illustration was assigned to cover up wires and electronic stuff behind a big screen. I would never have thought about using art to do so, but luckily for me, there are some innovative people at Lerstenens Fastigheter who did think of it!


I am taking an online course, "Illustrating children´s books" given by Lilla Rogers/Make art that sell. I have chosen to wok with a text about Ada Lovelace, written by Zoe Tucker. I love the text, so inspiring, and I adore Ada Lovelace. This week we worked with the character design and this my design. I am over excited about this course!


See the sketches here: SKETCHBOOK


The second assignment in MATS A was to design plates inspired by "STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY". I got a "Foo dog" at home. It is not really a staffordshire, but for me, a great inspiration since I got it from my grandmother.


Once I started drawing I remembered a really big sized dog my family had when I was younger, (which by the way, was the best dog ever) This dog was a mix between a "German shepherd" and a "Ridgeback" also referred as a "Lion dog"- just like the "Foo dog" is kind of a mix between lion and dog!

Anyway, that's how I came up with this design and I named it ”MY BIG PET - COLLECTION"


See the sketches here: SKETCHBOOK


I am taking an online-course (MAKE ART THAT SELLS/MATS A) and I am very excited about it!

The first assignment was to create a kitchen appropriate pattern, inspired from pasta and pyrex.

I named this design ”DANCING KITCHEN” and I am really looking forward to the next assignment.

See the process here: SKETCHBOOK

Wolves in my sketchbook!

Bunnies in my sketchbook!

"T-SHIRT PRINTS" assigned by The County Administrative Board (Västerbotten)


The County Administrative Board as an important role in environmental and climate initiatives in the county. They coordinate environmental efforts, provide information and disseminate knowledge, work with environmental goals and environmental monitoring, water management,

as well as climate and energy issues. This assignment was to amplify the work with two illustrations for prints, (t-shirts). The first illustration is of a character named "Hindra" and she represents the work to improve the climate impact and the second charactar, "Lindra" represents the work to improve the climate adaptation.



This poster was assigned by Ogonblicksteatern. I've been invited to precipitate in the creative process with these amazing crew that works at the theater, and it´s been so much fun! "Beloved family" will be premiered in february, cant wait to see it! (Credits: Screenplay Sara Gallardo, Director Stefan Andersson,

Set Design/Illustration Frida Hammar, Costume Karin Ågren)

Starring: Sara Gallardo







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Having fun with this inspiring assignments from Lilla Rogers, feels like I am back in school again! Perfect way to get back to work after the summer.

I am so happy I made time for this! I designed a Teacup, Saucer and a Paper napkin and I call this collection "BERRYBIRDTEA".