I love sketchbooks. This is where I get a lot of my inspiration. I enjoy painting and drawing with gouache, ink and color pens.


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Trying out some soft pastel pens....and I like it!

I am taking an online course, "Bootcamp" given by These are some sketches from week one.





Embroidered fantasies in my sketchbook...

Enjoying the free assignments from I wish I could take the actual course... maybe next round....

Autumn in my sketchbook...

Bluebells with silver leafs...

"There are always flowers for those who wants to see them" - Henri Matisse

In my sketchbook I can draw stuff that I never actually would do, like picking up a cockroach...

Pink tigers in my sketchbook. Hello ladies!

More flowers and three little birds....

Bootcamp-sketches for the June assignemnt

Bootcamp mini sketches.

"BAT HAT" part of #the100dayproject.

More Bootcamp sketches! This month "mini-assignment" is all about roses!

I have decided to take part in #the100dayproject. My theme will be to draw characters with hats for 100 days. My hashtag will be #100_days_of_drawing_hatters. I am very excited about this!

"Mr Badger" - #the100dayproject, #100_days_of_drawing_hatters.

"Easter Bunny" - #the100dayproject, #100_days_of_drawing_hatters.

Bootcamp sketches! I am taking the Bootcamp course by Lilla Rogers and the first assignment is to create an abstract pattern for a Back- pack, so fun!

Inspired by International women's day and made a pattern out of some of my sketches!

Hat ladies in my sketchbook! I will definitely be making a summer pattern out of these beauties!


Houses, boats, stones and trees in my sketchbook....

For these characters, I use felt pens, (Stabilo). It is a fun technique. First, I use the pen to draw up the character, then I use a brush with clean water on it to get the watercolor effect. My son sits next to me and we work side by side, I love to draw with my children.


For this assignment I did a lot of sketches, only three made it to the final collection. Although it´s hard to not include all of your hard work into the collection, I love the editing part. I really enjoyed working inside circles,

whenever I have more time I am going to make this in to a pattern as well!

Here are some of my sketches, see the whole collection here : ILLUSTRATION


My sketchbook has a new theme which was given to me by an online course that I am currently taking. (Mats A/Make art that sells) The first assignment was to get inspiration from "Pasta and Pyrex". Next step was to make it into a pattern appropriate for kitchen.

Here are some of my sketches, as you can see, some made it to the pattern, some didn't. The final pattern you can see here: ILLUSTRATION

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