Welcome! My name is Frida Hammar, I freelance as an illustrator, animator and comic artist.

I live in the north of Sweden and have always loved to draw. For me, visual expression has a much stronger impact than just textual communication.

To communicate, and make a change in this world, I believe we need both.


If you're interested in my work, I'll be happy to hear from you! Contact me at:




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Some of my clients:

Me working in the studio "Lidstrom & Nyberg". It is located in the center of my home town, Umea.

At the moment we are twelve freelancers sharing this amazing workspace, made possible by Clara Lidstrom and Annakarin Nyberg

I am a member and board member of Svenska Tecknare (the Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers)

and a member of Illustratörcentrum (Sweden’s largest agency for illustrators and graphic designers)

and of SAVVA (Swedish Animation and Visual Arts, association) .

After graduated from the Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, (2004) I started my business and has freelanced since.



2019 lllustration for the project "Vi måste prata om skogen" commissioned by Umeå Universitet

2018 "Vintersalong" Exhibition, Konstfrämjandet i Västerbotten

2018 Teaching at Umeå Artschool

2018 lllustrations for the game "Unravel" commissioned by Coldwood Interactive/EA

2018 Illustration for "FLOW" calender 2019

2018 Illustration for the magazine "The Post Feminst Post"

2018 Teaching at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University

2018 Illustrations for eductional purpose, commissioned by Capvio

2018 Illustrations for folders, commissioned by Evita Care

2018 Book illlustrations commissioned by Brytiga Böcker

2018 Yogailllustrations commissioned by YogaStudio Marmayoga

2018 "Den hemliga konsten" Exhibition Luleå Konsthall

2017 "Believe" Winner in an International Design Competition by Printed Village.

2017 "Den hemliga konsten" Exhibition Umeå Konsthall

2017 "Filmer" Exhibition Umeå Konsthall

2017 Information film, commissioned by SKANSKA / Salmonfox

2017 Wallart, commissioned by SWECO

2017 Teaching at Umeå Artschool

2017 VAFF- illustration and pattern design, commissioned by Film i Västerbooten/Region Västerbooten

2016 Scenography, props and illustrations, commissioned by Ögonblicksteatern

2016 Illustrations for the children's book "Orminge", commissioned by Nacka kommun

2016 Illustrations for web and print, commissioned by Västerbottens Idrottsförbund

2016 Animated film sequence in film by Selma Vilhunen, commissioned by Bautafilm

2016 Illustration and character design, commissioned by Länsstyrelsen

2016 Illustrations for web and print, commissioned by Evita Care

2016 Illustration for metal sheet, commissioned by Lerstenen Fastigheter

2015 Animated information film "Könsspelet", commissioned by Länsstyrelsen

2015 Illustration for folder, commissioned by Umeå Kommun

2015 "Fria linjer" Exhibition Norrbyskärs konstsalong

2015 Illlustration for folder, commissioned by Norrmejerier/Aptum

2015 Cover and inside illustrations, commissioned by Umeå Kommun

2014 Wall decoration, commissioned by ICA KVANTUM/WWACE

2013 Wall decoration, commissioned by Lerstenen fastigheter

2012 Encounters, Short film and animation festival (In competition)

2012 Umeå internationella filmfestival

2012 Flimmer Filmfestival

2006 Winner in competition by Motorola

2006 "Portugal's short film festival", awarded for "Best Youth Movie"

2005 Eksjö filmfestival, award for "Best nordic design"

2005 Animated "Fillers" commissioned by MTV



Konstfack, Animation and Animated film, graduation year 2004

Umeå Art school, year 2000-2002

History of Ideas, Umeå Universitet year 1998-1999

Gender equality, Umeå Universitet year 1999

History of religion, Umeå Universitet year 1996

Spanish, Madrid 1996-97



2019 Guest Host of Illostories instagram account

2018 Featured on the tendencias.tv with some of my yoga illustrations.

2018 Guest Host of IFDrawAWeek instagram account

2017 Teaching at Umeå Konstskola

2017 Featured in the blog "My giant Strawberry" hosted by Anne Butera

Member and Board member of the Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers

Member of Illustratörcentrum (Sweden’s largest agency for illustrators and graphic designers)

Member of SAVVA (Swedish Animation and Visual Arts, association)

2017 Instagram challenge, inktober, 31 days of #face_of_a_goddess

2017 Featured in the podcast "100 Creatives Podcast", hosted by Sally Harris

2017 Art Bootcamp, e-course given by Lilla Rogers

2017 Instagram challenge, #100_days_of_drawing_hatters

2017 Illustrating children´s book, e-course given by Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker

2016 Interview in the paper "Nöjesguiden"


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